psychotherapy stamford ct luz cotto charneskyThe real truth is that there is nothing noble in being superior to someone else… the only real nobility is being superior to your former self.
~ Whitney Young

Nunca es tarde para bien hacer, haz hoy lo que no hiciste ayer.
Spanish Proverb

For many of us deciding to enter a path of personal growth can be considered one of the most profound life experiences.  This process requires the development of an accepting relationship with ourselves and an environment in which we could be guided, witnessed, and supported throughout this unique experience.  Together we will begin to uncover areas of your life that desire a sense of healing from self-destructive and limiting beliefs; and create hope for acceptance of self.  Being open and aware to your personal experience can provide you with immeasurable benefits that can be life changing.

As your therapist I am dedicated to value your personal strengths, and believe in creating an environment that encourages healthy growth in all areas of your life.

I am located in Stamford, CT and Windsor, CT.  Please contact me to
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